Monday, August 29th 2022 @ 4:00 P.M.

Guns selling @ 6:00 P.M.

Preview from 3-6 P.M.

AUCTION HELD AT SHIPPENSBURG AUCTION CENTER,  1120 Ritner Hwy Shippensburg, PA 17257,  Approx. 1 mile North of Shippensburg on RT. 11  or From Rt. 81 take King St. Exit 29  go West on Rt. 174 at light, turn R. on Conestoga Rd., then right on Rt. 11 to Sale on right.

Lifetime Winchester Collection, Guns & Ammo

REMINGTON MDL’S: mdl. 700 BDL DM 30-06, w/ engraved receiver, very nice; mdl. 760 Carbine 30-06, S.N.# 389078; mdl.760 .270 Win. S.N.# 374793, excellent cond.;  mdl. 7, .308 SS /Syn. Like new; mdl. 700 BDL Custom Deluxe, .300 Ultra Mag w/ box; mdl. 7600, 30-06 Carbine,  Pump, N.I.B.; mdl. 6, 30-06 N.I.B.; mdl. 572 BDL Deluxe, .22 N.I.B.; early mdl. 870 Wingmaster 12ga.; mdl. 870 Wingmaster 12ga.; mdl. 700BDL, .280; mdl. 7, 22-250 Mossy Oak Camo w/ Leupold scope, N.I.B.; mdl. 7, .260 Syn. N.I.B.; mdl. 1100, 12ga.; mdl. 870, 16ga.; Mohawk 600, .308; mdl. 760 Gamemaster, 30-06 w/ Leupold scope;  Remington Target Master 41P, .22 w/ peep sight;  mdl. 760, 30-06 Basket Weave; mdl. 700BDL, .243; mdl. 870 Super Mag. 12ga. vented rib; mdl. 514, .22 S-L-LR;

WINCHESTER MDL’S: mdl. 72, .22 S-L-LR, very nice; mdl. 67, .22 S-L-LR, very nice; mdl. 94, 30-30 NRA Commemorative 1971, unfired, Like new, S.N.# NRA14669; mdl. 94, .32 Win special, S.N.#1736913; mdl. 94, 30-30 Win. S.N.#1758132; mdl. 94, .22XTR Annie Oakley Comm #445 of 6000 N.I.B.; 30-30 Cowboy Comm. N.I.B.; mdl. 1894 BB Gun, N.I.B.; mdl. 70XTR Featherlight, .257 Roberts; mdl. 1904, ..22 Short; mdl. 70, XTR, Featherlight .243 w/ scope; mdl. 1300, 12ga. Turkey Engraved w/ Redfield scope; mdl. 70 Westerner .243; mdl. 70, .270 Featherlight, N.I.B.; mdl. 94, .32 Win. Special; mdl. 43, .218 Bee; mdl. 61, .22 w/ Simmons scope; mdl. 1890, .22 short; mdl. 190, .22 Semi; mdl. 1400, 12ga. semi; mdl. 120, 20ga. pump; mdl. 94, 30-30 w/ Tasco scope; mdl. 94, .30 WCF;

MARLIN MDL’S: mdl. 1888, .32-40, Octagon barrel, Goad bore, S.N.#223309; Marlin Ballard No.4 Perfection 38-55 w/ peep sites, {Professionally Restored} Bore is Excellent, S.N.# 17806; mdl. 25N, .22 Bolt, N.I.B.; mdl. 60, .22 Semi; Marlin Super Goose 10, 10ga. bolt; mdl. 336, .35Rem w/ Tasco scope;

BROWNING MDL’S: X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon w/ muzzle brake, 6.5 PRC, Camo/Bronze, N.I.B.; Browning 12ga., Semi; mdl. 81BLR, .243; 300 Win Mag. {Belgium}; Browning BPS 12ga. pump; Browning BBR .308 w/ Leupold scope;

RUGER MDL’S: mdl. 77 Mark II, 7MM-08, Unfired, w/ box & rings; mdl. 77, RSI International .270 w/ rings & Tang safety; Ruger American Farmer Edition .22 N.I.B.; mdl. 77, 30-06 Mannlicher; Ruger 10-22 Carbine, .22 Mannlicher;

HENRY MDL’S: .22 Mag., pump w/ Henry scope; .22 Mag. Fort McHenry Comm; Henry Golden Boy 30-30 w/ Octagon barrel, N.I.B.; .223 Long Ranger, Lever action, N.I.B.; Henry Golden Boy .22 BSA Centennial Edition, N.I.B.; Henry Big Boy .357 Mag./.38 Special, N.I.B.; Henry .22 Mag. NRA Gun, 2014 N.I.B.; Henry Evil Roy .22LR, N.I.B.;

HAND GUNS: Colt Delta Elite, 10MM, Mfg 1987, S.N.# DE03874, Very Nice; Colt Mark 1V Series 70 Gold Cup, National Match 45ACP w/ 2 mags, Mfg 1973, S.N.# 70N10274, L.N.I.B.; Remington XP-100, .221 Fireball w/ original case & paperwork, Leupold M82X Scope, L.N.I.B.; Rock Island Armory mdl. 1911 A1 .45ACP w/ Nickel finish, N.I.B.; SCCY CPX-1 9MM, Semi pistol, N.I.B.; Glock G19 Mariner 9MM Gen 3, Green label w/ 3 mags, N.I.B.; Ruger .22 Auto, 2- 10 shot clips; Ruger mdl. Single Six .22, & .22 Mag. N.I.B.; JP Sauer Hawes Western Marshall .357 Mag. Made in Germany; H&R  Top Break mdl. 925, .38 S&W; Defender .22, Pearl handle; Defender mdl. 89, .32; RP .32; Reck 6.35MM, .25 Auto, made in Germany; Chesko 6.35MM, .25 Auto, No clip; Taurus “The Judge” .45LC/.410 Shot shell; Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Rem Mag.;

MISC. MDL’S: Springfield M1 Garand w/ bayonet &  case, S.N.# 3300629 Mfg. October 1944, Very Nice; Arisaka Type -38, 6.5 Jap w/ Bayonet, Excellent Cond.; Mossberg 146BA .22LR, w/ Mossberg Peep site; Mossberg 340B, .22 Hornet, w/ Bushnell scope; Ithaca X5 Lightening .22LR, Semi Auto, Rare, S.N.#5649A; J.C. Higgins .22LR Bolt action; Charles Daly mdl. 500, 12ga. double barrel; Sako Riihimaki .222, Mannlicher stock “Finland” w/ scope S.N.#16260; Stevens mdl. 301, .410, N.I.B.; Radical Fire Arms RF15, 5.56, Unfired, w/ 1 mag; Weatherby Vanguard 22-250, N.I.B.; 2- H&R Arms 16ga. single barrel; H&R Arms 12ga. single barrel; Springfield Arms 12ga. single barrel; Keystone Arms 12ga. single barrel; Keystone Arms .22 pump; Columbia 12ga. single barrel; Fox mdl. B 12ga. BRL, double barrel; Ithaca mdl. 72 Saddle gun, w/ Tasco scope; Knight 50 cal. Inline Muzzle Loader; Powerline BB Gun; Savage mdl. 99, 30-30, Lever action; Savage mdl. 99, .300 Savage, w/ peep sight; Weatherby mdl. 92, 12ga. pump; Stevens mdl. 124, 12ga. Bolt; Thompson Center Arms 50cal. Flintlock; H&R Topper mdl. 158, .22 Rem Jet; Ithaca mdl. 37 Featherlight 12ga.; LC Smith 12ga. BRL double barrel; Mossberg mdl. 500, 12ga. Camo, Pump, N.I.B.; H&R 12ga. BRL Double barrel; Ithaca mdl. 51 Mag. 20ga. semi; Mossberg mdl. 500EG, .410 pump, vented rib; Weatherby Vanguard 25-06; Olympic Arms AR-15, 9MM w/ sling & 30 round mag.; Springfield M1A, .308 Win. Stainless barrel; Colt AR-15 Target Mdl. Sporter, 5.56 Nato; Palmetto Armory AR-10.308 Win. w/ sights; Anderson AR-15 Flat top w/ carry handle, & sights; Yugoslavian SKS 7.62X39 w/ sling; Angelo Zoli {Italy} O/U 12ga. Field special; Century Arms R1A1 .308 Win. {USA Made}; Savage 3-C .22 S-L-LR; Maverick Arms {by Mossberg} 12ga. modified choke; Connecticut Valley Arms 12ga; Revelation mdl. 225, 30-30 w/ scope & sling;

LIFETIME WINCHESTER COLLECTION Silk Advertising Banner; Golf Clubs; Baseball bat; mini ball bat; tennis racket; ball glove; youth boxing gloves; fishing rod; plaque –tackle advertising; leader box; reels; tackle box; store pennants; display box; hammers; meat grinders; squares; cork screw; scribes, 1 single, 1 double; “S” Wrench; coffee can; cigarette tin; alarm clock; fan; hard back book; soft cover books; horse rosettes; ammo crate; chain frame picture; bullet mold; straight razor; serving fork; butcher knife; pliers; saw; razor strap; wooden level; cast iron level; hacksaw; gun rest; badges; empty brass 12ga. shells; compound bow; axes; hatchets; brace; expansion bit in leather case; marking gauges, 1 double beam, 1 single; steel; meat saw; draw knife; cold chisel; router plane; scraper plane; spoke shave; offset screwdriver; end nippers; grass shears; ice skates; roller skates; 3- planes; pocket knife; spatula; Winchester breast drill; Winchester butt gauge; bevel squares; pocket watch; auger bit in canvas case; can opener; monkey wrenches; pipe wrenches, wooden, & metal; screwdrivers;

AMMO: 7MM Mag.; .280; 30-30; Rem Racing Team .22; 22-250; .243; 12ga.; 30-06; 16ga.; Rem Jets .22; & More


Bushnell Laser Ranging Rangematic Range Finder; Ruger 10-22 clip; assorted knives; Canteen; early paper hunting license; Crossman Co2 .357 air gun;

TERMS: Cash or Honorable Pa. Check, All out of State checks must be approved by owner or auctioneer. Proper Id needed for Bidder number. Owner and Auctioneers are not responsible for accidents or stolen items. Food stand provided. All announcements sale day take precedence over all advertising. Accepting Visa, Mastercard, & Discover with a 4% service charge.

Charging 6% sales tax; No Buyers Premium.

Darryl Jones AU5194 717-226-0776 or 717-776-9498

Jason Brubacker AU5608 717-729-0173







  • Address: 1120 RITNER HWY. SHIPPENSBURG PA 17257 
  • Phone Number: 717-776-9498 
  • When: 202208290400 
  • Date: Monday, August 29, 2022 

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