Monday, August 22, 2022 @ 4:00 P.M.

Guns Selling @ 6:00 P.M.

Location: Shermans Dale Ambulance Association

260 Richwine Rd. Shermans Dale Pa. 17090

Auction for: Mary Kitner & The Late Gerald Kitner


REMINGTON MDL’S: Mdl. 783, .270Win; mdl. 870, 16ga.; mdl. 870, 12ga. pump, block gun; mdl. .7600, .257 Roberts; mdl. 1100 semi; mdl. 870, 12ga.; mdl. 7600, 7MM-08, 175TH Anniv.; mdl. 760 Game Master 30-06;

MISC MDL’S: Winchester mdl. 43, 218 Bee; Savage Axis .223; Savage Anschutz .22; Mossberg 20ga; Mossberg .410; Savage 22-250; Savage 50cal. Muzzle Loader; Weatherby .270 Mag.; Henry Tribute Rife, .22 Military; Ithaca Deer Slayer 20ga.; CZ 527 American .222 Rem.; Browning X-Bolt Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor; Keystone Classic mdl. 722, .22; Kimber Hunter 84M, 6.5 Creedmoor; Colt M4.22 Tactical; Austin Halleck 420LR Classic, Black Powder; Hawthorne Warrior .22; Beretta 12ga. Silver Pigeon O/U; Benilli Super Black Eagle;

HAND GUNS: Colt Mustang .380; S&W .22; Taurus Tracker 17 cal.; Taurus mdl. 85, .38 cal.; Taurus Judge 45/.410;

AMMO & DIES: .12,16 & 20ga.; Hornady .380 Auto & .38 Special; CCI 38/357 Shot shells; .410 Game Load, Target Load, Buck Shot & Slugs; .22 Longs; .22 Short; 30-06; Rem .35 Whelen; 7MM-08; .257 Roberts; Super X .257 Roberts; .270; .35; .25; .30; 6MM; 7MM; .270;

Reloading Dies: Springfield 30-06; 22-250; .222 Rem; .270 Rem.; .223 Rem.; .300 Win short mag.; Rem. 7MM-08; 25-06; .257 Weatherby Mag.; .243 Win.; .270 Weatheby Mag.; 7MM Rem. Mag.; .357 S&W Mag.; .280 Rem.; .300 Savage; .270Win.; .378 Weatherby Mag.; .35 Whelen;

Reloads: 12 & 20ga.; .222; 30-06; 7MM-08;

CASE KNIVES: J.D.; Hunter; Coca Cola; SOD Buster Black; Case U.S.A. SS; Peanut Navy Blue; Trapper Bore HD; American Eagle 2000 w/ Zippo lighter in case;  Brooks & Dunn in Tin; Trapper Brown; Celebrating 120 years, in Case; Case XX, in tin; Muskrat SS; BN JGD Sky blue; Canoe Cranberry; Trapper Periwinkle; Trapper Yellow; Muskrat SS Orange; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Trapper Grizzly; Pennsylvania U.S.A. w/ 2 Coins in case; Ned Smith Center in tin; Elk Hunter w/ Sheaf; Case XX 630; Copper Lock; Gun Boat Canoe; Pocket Hunter; Baby Butterbean; 130 Years White;

REMINGTON KNIVES: Sliver Anniv. Bullet Knife, 1982-2007; 30th Anniv. Bullet Knife, 1982-2012; Remington Sportsman Series 2007 Limited Edition; 200th Anniv. Musket Knife, 1783-1993; 20th Anniv. Bullet Poster knife, 1982-2002; 10th Anniv. Bullet knife 1982-1992; 20th Anniv, Bullet Poster knife, 1982-2002; 1994 Firstborn Production Run 1 of 1000; Powder Horn Musket Knife; Daddy Barlow Musket knife; 175th Anniv. 1816-1991;  Bullet Knives: 1990 The Tracker; 1991 Bullet Mini Trapper; 1992 The Guide; 1993 The Bush Pilot; 1994 The Camp; 1995 The Master Guide; 1996 The Trail Hand; 1997 The Lumber Jack; 1998 Hunter-Trader-Trapper; 1999 The Ranch Hand; 2000 Millennium in Tin; 2001 The Mariner; 2002 The Apprentice; 2003 The Pioneer; 2004 The Old Reliable; 2005 The Maverick; 2006 The Trail Boss; 2007 The Renagade; 2008 Bullet Knife; 2009 Big Daddy Barlow; 2010 Double Strike;

KNIVES: knife & plier set; Westward Journey Nickle series 2004-2005; United Sates Air Force; Mustang 40th Anniv. 1964-2000; Mustang 40th Anniv. Limited Edition; Ducks Unlimited; Havalon Jim Shockey Signature Service; Thunderbird 50th Anniv. 1955-2005; Smith & Wesson limited edition; Buck NRA-ILA Orange; Timber Rattler; Texan Bowie; Franklin Mint, Deer Print; Browning; NRA; Eagle w/ Dime insert; Shotgun Shell knife; R. Murphy Ayers; North American Hunting Club, & More;

Hasting 12ga. barrel; Block shoot 870, 12ga. barrel; Hasting 20ga. slug barrel; Barnett Penetrator crossbow; Belt Buckles: Bugling Elk, Buck, & Dan Wesson Arms; Zippo Lighters: 120th Anniversary, & 130 Years: NRA Tom Selleck Silver Shell Replica; Ford Mdl. T 1912 Delivery Truck Replica; Burris Spotting scope; shooting bags; black powder supplies; Jerky cutting board; Trenching tool; gun straps; holsters; Smokeless powder; ammo boxes; camo bag; Binoculars; flash lights; Duck & Turkey call; scopes; tree stand seat; scope mount rings; scope level; Leopold wrench; sites; RS Rifle reloader; case trimmer; gun locks; gun cases; Bullet Knife poster; deer horns; Rem. gun stock; shooting stick; gun barrels; Wads; Mechanical reloader; knife sharpening kit; Gun cleaning kits; Powder scale; RCBS Reloading press; gun cabinets; Shooting benches; & more;

TERMS: Cash or Honorable Pa. Check, All out of State checks must be approved by owner or auctioneer. Proper Id needed for Bidder number. Owner and Auctioneers are not responsible for accidents or stolen items. Food stand provided. All announcements sale day take precedence over all advertising. Accepting Visa, Mastercard, & Discover with a 4% service charge.

Charging 6% sales tax; No Buyers Premium.

Darryl Jones AU5194 717-226-0776 or 717-776-9498

Jason Brubacker AU5608 717-729-0173

  • Address: 260 Richwine Rd. Shermans Dale Pa 17090 
  • Phone Number: 717-776-9498 
  • When: 202208220400 
  • Date: Monday, August 22, 2022 

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